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What To Do If You’re the Victim of a Break-In

A break-in can be scary. Your home or business has been violated and it’s hard not to consider the worst-case scenarios – What if you or a family member had been there and gotten hurt? What if the burglars come back? What if your home or business gets broken into again?

You need short-term relief and long-term reassurance. You need a top-quality Los Angeles locksmith – and you need one fast. (You’re not going back into your house until the locks are changed, right?)

At KeyPass Locksmith, we can help with every stage of the recovery process.

Step #1:

Have a reputable Los Angeles locksmith change or rekey your locks.

KeyPass Locksmith offers 24-hour emergency service anywhere in the Los Angeles area. We’ll dispatch someone as soon as we get your call – and we’ll secure your home and get you back inside fast.

Step #2:

Assess your home for security weaknesses.

At KeyPass Locksmith, all our technicians are security experts. We’ll tour your home and look for the places that make you vulnerable to break-ins. We’ll check the little things – like the depth of your deadbolts and the quality of your window locks. Small, inexpensive changes can make a big difference in your home’s security. We have the expertise to ensure that your home is safe.

Step #3:

Make simple security changes to prevent future break-ins.

Most break-ins are opportunistic. The burglar sees a weakness that he can exploit quickly – and so he does. But there are many ways to slow down a potential burglar. And law enforcement experts predict that if you can stall a burglar for just four minutes, you’re likely to prevent the break-in altogether.

All KeyPass locksmiths are certified professionals who can make these safety modifications quickly and expertly. We’ll install deadbolts and window locks, rekey your locks, repair damaged locks, and install deadlocks to protect sliding glass doors.

And once you’ve made these security upgrades, you’ll rest easy – knowing that your home and your family are secure.

KeyPass Locksmiths Are A Full-Service Security Experts

In addition to our round-the-clock emergency service, we offer a full range of residential, commercial, industrial, and automotive locksmith services.

Lock Repair
Keyless Locks
Panic Bars
Window Grilles
Broken Keys
Jammed locks
Safe Installation
Desk & Cabinet Keys
Lock Rekeying
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High Security LocksAUTOMOTIVE
Lost Keys Replacement
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Keypad Locks
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An Affordable Los Angeles Locksmith You Can Trust

KeyPass Locksmith offers exceptional service at reasonable prices. When you choose KeyPass, you can expect:

  • Guaranteed Work. All our products and services are guaranteed for 90 days. If you have any concerns about the work we do for you, we want to know. Just call us and we’ll make it right.
  • Up-Front Pricing. We’ll quote you a price on your job before we start working. So you know ahead of time what the final cost will be.
  • 24-Hour Emergency Lockout Service. We staff our phones round the clock – so you’ll always get an answer, and you can be assured that a locksmith will be headed your way right away.
  • Prompt, Courteous Service. When we set an appointment, we’re committed to keeping it. We’re always on time, and our technicians are always friendly and professional.
  • Knowledgeable Experts. All our locksmiths are all certified. They know their stuff, and they provide fast, professional service every time.

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