Advanced Lock Picking

Advanced Lock Picking in Los Angeles

There’s a lot more to the art of  lockpicking than just running a credit card through a crack in the front door or using a wire hanger to pop the locks in your late model vehicle. Expert locksmiths spend years learning lockpicking. Advanced skills and tools help make them better able to help customers who are locked out of their homes and vehicles.

 Many people like to take up lockpicking as a hobby, enjoying the challenge of testing their wits and dexterity against the pins, tumblers and levers of mechanical locks, or their technological savvy against electronic locks. Quite a few lockpicking hobbyists become quite good at the craft, which can provide many hours of enjoyment.

For lockpicking novices interested in honing these skills, the following tips may be helpful:

  • Practice makes perfect. Considerable fine motor skills are necessary to become successful at lockpicking. Advanced skills take years of practice to develop. Try to devote a little time each day to practice your skills with the various tools of the trade and locks of differing difficulty.
  • Make your own tools. When you hit the advanced stage of lockpicking, chances are that you will want to try your hand at making your own specialized lockpicking tools. There are various schematics for these tools available on the Internet. You’ll also need some equipment to make these tools, including a five-inch bench grinder, vise grips and a few other items.
  • Practice with a variety of locks. Try your hand with classic padlocks, cylinder locks, magnetic locks and more, to keep the challenge fresh and to find what you are most proficient at.
  • Practice finding specific weaknesses of various lock types. For example, here’s a trick to help open mechanical keypad number locks on doors. Turn the doorknob before pressing a number on the keypad. If the pressure you feel on the doorknob increases when you hit a button, chances are that’s the first number of the combination. Hit that number and repeat the test. When you feel pressure again, it’s likely you’ve found the second number of the combination.
  • Avoid the temptation to pick locks that don’t belong to you. While popping the lock to your neighbor’s home or to your boss’s office may seem like a harmless prank, they may not see it that way. To avoid trouble with the law, be sure only to pick locks to buildings, cars or structures that you own or that you have the owner’s permission to enter.
  • Make friends with your local locksmith and local law enforcement. Police and locksmiths know a lot about locks and lockpicking because of their professions. Connecting with a locksmith or cop could help you learn advanced skills in lockpicking. Becoming friends with local police may also help you avoid being questioned or hassled about why you own lockpicking implements.

If you’re caught in an emergency situation and the lock you are working on is beyond your skill, you may want to contact a professional locksmith.Professional Locksmith in Beverly Hills has many skilled locksmiths expert at lockpicking. Advanced skills that the company’s trained professionals took years to learn will be at your disposal to help get you in any vehicle, home or other lock you need access to.

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