Create Master Keys for Your Current Locks

Master Key in LA

Business owners, individuals and certain professionals need a master key. If you deal with a large number of rooms and desire to have one specific key that can enable you to access all of them, consider getting a master re key made for your current locks. If you want to do a re key master key of your house or business, you should know certain information that will help you make the best choices.

Hire a Professional

When it comes to installing locks, a professional is able to do the best work. The installation matters and impacts the security and overall effectiveness of the lock. A super high security lock may be completely penetrable if it is not installed correctly. Consider hiring a professional if you are unsure that you can do the rekeying yourself.

Use a Master Re key Kit

If you are determined to do it yourself, it may be helpful to purchase a master re key set, which will allow you to have the locks, plugs and other equipment needed. You will also need to get a screwdriver.

Start with the first lock and master the steps needed for each one. Begin by removing the lock cylinder from the lock. Look at the back of the plug of the lock, and take off the tailpiece by using the screwdriver to unscrew it, or take off the clip, if there is one. Put your key into it, and turn it 90 degrees. Take a follower and place it on the back, and apply pressure to advance it into the lock cylinder. From the front cylinder, the key will come out when you push on the follower. Look for the pins on the bottom and remove them.

Take the key that is being made for that space and put it up against the master key. Observe the way that they are different; then put the master key into the plug. Push in the bottom plugs in those areas where the master key has higher cuts. Take out the master key and put into the plug the rooms’ key. Put in bottom pins where the room’s key is higher cut. Put in master pins for the higher cuts on the master key.

Take the room’s key out, and put in the master key again. Master pins should be placed into the holes where the room’s key is higher cut. Put the plug back into the cylinder. The plug will be pushed out. Put the tailpiece back on by screwing it with the screwdriver, or reapplying the clip.

Test it out to ensure that both keys work. Once you have ensured that both properly work, you can put the lock cylinder back in. The process is complex and requires a certain tech-savvy mindset. If you are unsure that you will be able to do it, consider talking to a Locksmith in Camarillo. He or she does master re keying on a frequent basis, most likely, and can guarantee your lock systems and keys will work with no problems.

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