Effectively Organizing Your Keys

Organizing Your Keys in LA
Most of us are always looking for ways to better organise our busy lives and reduce clutter. A primary source of clutter for many people is their keys. Yes, they’re a necessity, but we often find ourselves with jumbled key chains in drawers, yet we have no clue what they’re even used to unlock. There’s also that all-too common area in any home, whether it’s a drawer, a bowl or a dish, that’s full of spares. Rather than simply living with this disorganisation, there are steps that can be taken to reduce to clutter and organise your life, easily and effectively.

Take an Inventory

One of the first, and perhaps most important steps to keeping track of keys and creating a useful organisation system is to know what you’re carrying, and what you actually need to be carrying. Remove those keys that are outdated or no longer work and all keys made for locks you no longer have access to or use. If you’re too unsure to throw it away, just put it away in a location that is well-marked and designed specifically for this use.

Organising Key Rings

After you’ve eliminated what you don’t need or use, you can begin to organise what you do need. There are several useful organisation methods, some of which may suit individual needs better than others.

  • Use a label maker to mark each key with its use. A label is better than using a sticker with a hand-written note because these types of labels often peel off or fade with frequent use. A label maker offers a more durable way to organise keys and help you remember which keys are made for locks of certain kinds. When using labels, it’s best to avoid using addresses, in case you’re the victim of a theft or pickpocket.

  • Separate keys onto different rings or chains. Have a separate ring based on use—for example work, home, car. Label each ring or chain so that you’ll quickly know which set is for which use.

  • Colour code. There are several ways to create a colour-coding system based on keys made for locks of a particular type. One way is to use different coloured nail polish on the top of each key. If you have numerous keys it may be best to paint each one entirely, which will be more easily recognizable than only painting a small portion. Another way to organise based on colour is to add a rubber topper, which can be found at most hardware stores.

Keeping Track of Spares

Not every key needs to be carried at all times, which leaves an assortment of spares lying around. Rather than having everything stuffed into a drawer, where it’s difficult to locate what you’re looking for, develop a hanging organisation system.

Label keys with what they’re used for, and create an area where there are hooks designed specifically for this purpose. This will allow you to easily access them when they’re needed, without having to sort through the ones you don’t need. A good place for hooks is often inside a cabinet or closet door.

Often people will give away spare keys to their home for various reasons to neighbours, friends and family members. During the organisation process, it’s also a good time to assess how many of your keys may be floating around, and determine whether or not it’s necessary for a Locksmith in Costa Mesa to change the locks of your home or rekey the locks to increase your security.

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