Home Security Systems: Which Will Work Best For You?

smart home security systems LAKeeping yourself and your family safe from burglaries and home invasions is a top priority, no matter what sort of neighbourhood you live in. However, with all the home security systems on the market, which should you consider? Here we have a quick look at three types of security: a guard dog, a wired home security system, and a security system that is wireless.

Guard dog

One of the oldest methods of home protection also happens to be one of the most feared by common thieves: a guard dog. If you like animals and are willing to put in the time and effort to properly train a big dog, this system might work for you. Although you can easily bring your guard dog with you when you move, you have to deal with the cost of its care and furthermore, unscrupulous and dangerous criminals will have no qualms about killing your dog if they want to get into your home. A guard dog may scare off some criminals, but not all of them. Furthermore, there’s always the chance that your guard dog that you’ve trained to be vicious with intruders may be vicious with friends, relatives, or even close family. Therefore, a guard dog is probably not recommended for most families.

Wired Security System

Far better than a guard dog is a wired home security system; these are recommended for people who either have large homes or are in the process of building a new home. Wired systems are expensive to install because drilling must be done and the wires go in behind the walls of the house; this is why they are not really recommended for homes that are already built. If you are building a home, wired systems are the best option for you; there is less likelihood of false alarms and the risk of tampering is minimal. Peripheral devices like motion sensors, fire alarms and alarm sirens are individually wired to the alarm’s main control panel, making it difficult for an intruder to disarm the system.

Wireless Security System

If you live in an existing home, condo, or apartment, you may want to think of getting a wireless system. While the system itself may be more expensive than a wired security system, it will be much easier to install as no drilling or extra construction is necessary; therefore you’ll save on installation costs. The benefit of a wireless system is that it is portable; you can bring it with you when you move. While it may not be as reliable as a hard wired system, a wireless home security system, when properly installed, will be an excellent option for keeping you and your family safe.

Before running out and buying a home security system, speak with a local professional first, like a Camarillo locksmith if you live in that part of California. What the Camarillo locksmith can do is expertly recommend a system that will work best for your home and your neighbourhood. So while the guard dog might not be a great idea, there is certainly a wired or wireless security solution that will keep you protected.

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