How To Fix A Car Lock When It Falls Into The Door

Fix A Car Lock in LA

While it doesn’t happen too often, car lock cylinders do occasionally come loose and fall into the door of the vehicle, making them inoperable. For vehicle owners, fixing a “car lock fell into door” problem can be a fairly easy problem, especially for owners who are handy with mechanical devices.

 If you’d like to avoid having the problem in the first place, try not to lean on the door handle or door when you exit the vehicle. The strain placed on this part of the car by supporting your weight may cause the lock to fall in the door or other problems.

 If you’d like to handle the problem on your own, the following steps can help walk you through fixing the problem on many vehicle models. Every car is different, however, so some steps may not apply.

 Begin by removing the screws that hold your interior door handle and door panel in place and remove any cover that prevents you from gaining access to where the lock should be.

 When you have removed the door panel, there may be a plastic covering around the door’s access holes. You should pull back the part of the plastic covering that is on the top left.

 Next, near the door handle you should see that the panel should be attached by two screws. One of these screws secures the locking mechanism, while the other secures the door handle in place. If you hear the screw that is supposed to hold the locking mechanism in place rattling about, try to find it with your hand and pull it back up.

 If you are able to do so, use the screw to fasten the lock back into its proper place. Be sure to first check the screw to see whether it is stripped or otherwise damaged in order to avoid using a faulty screw to repair your car lock.

 If the screw has vanished, or is stripped or otherwise unusable, you’ll need to get a replacement screw from your local hardware store. Take the old screw with you to compare, and get the right size part.

 Once you have securely fastened the lock back in place, reattach the door panel and door handle back to the vehicle.

This repair job should take no longer than 20 to 30 minutes for people who have a basic level of mechanical and repair skill along with the proper tools.

 Not all of us are handymen or women, however, and it may be necessary to seek the services of a qualified professional when dealing with a “car lock fell into door issue. When dealing with locking mechanism difficulties, you could take your vehicle to the dealership, but a locksmith may be a more economical option, especially if your vehicle is off warranty.

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