Infographic NICBS Annual Report on Vehicle Theft

Maximize Your Auto Protection and Prevent Auto Theft

The increasing rate of vehicle theft in USA is alarming. According to the latest surveys, each year, more and more car owners are becoming a victim of car theft. There are many reasons why cars are being stolen. One of the main reasons is that some car owners are careless. They forgot to lock their cars and park it in a place that is not safe. Another reason why car theft occurs is that some cars are not equipped with the latest car lock system. Car owners should take note that most burglars are wise. They can determine what car has great value and which has noisy lock system.

Maximizing your auto protection is the best solution to prevent car theft. Some burglars are up to latest cars. If your car is a latest model, make sure that its lock system is working. Before you leave from your house, test its lock system. If it works, then, you can safely park it to anywhere. It is also great to park your car in well-lit area.

The latest approach to protect your car from theft comprises four layers. The first layer is common sense. All people have common sense. So, practice and use it every time. When parking your car in a particular place, close its windows and remove your keys from ignition. Don’t also forget to lock all the doors. If your car is equipped with a lock system, never leave without activating it. Some common mistakes of car owners are forgetting to activate the system. That is the reason why some fail to prevent theft.

The second layer of latest approach for car protection is warning device. It is a good idea to equip your car quality locks for brake and wheels. You can also find theft deterring decals and audible alarms. The third layer is immobilizing device. This layer includes fuse cut-offs, wireless authentication of ignition, smart keys, kill switches, and disablers for fuel, starter, ignition. The last layer is the use of tracking device. With the advancement of technology, there are tracking devices that were specifically designed for cars. Find a tracking device that is suitable for your car.

If you are wondering where to find a company that would provide you lock services, you can easily find them online. Most companies today have their own websites. Look for a company that would provide you quality lock services for your car.

Ingographic annual report stolen cars

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