Los Angeles Locksmith Tools

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  • Digital Keypad Lock
  • Door Knobs
  • Door Lock Cylinders
  • Door Panel Removal Tool
  • Flexible Flashlight
  • Light HPC-FAL
  • The Fishing Pole
  • Window Crank Tool
Every locksmith needs a window crank tool in his tool kit. This must-have tool removes a manual car window crank if you need to replace the old one more »
The flexible extension flashlight comes with a rigid extension and a suction cup so you can mount it to the car and position it so the light more »
If the car door you’re trying to remove is held in place with retaining pins, you need a door panel removal tool to do the job in more »
Even the look of these digital keypad locks will deter criminals, but these battery-powered locks actually work. You can change the code so that only certain people more »
“The fishing pole” tool can save the day when people lock their keys in the car. It is used to unlock the door or fish the keys more »
Someone who tries to break into a door lock by picking or drilling it won’t be able to get past a security door lock cylinder. These cylinders more »
Houses and businesses tend to have keyed entry door hardware to keep the exterior doors locked. This type of knob can be purchased in most home stores more »
An LED flashlight is perfect for working on arts, crafts, cars and other projects where you need to see the intricate details. It stays in place with more »
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