What Is The Best Door Lock System?

medeco lock system in Los AngelesThe best door lock system is the one that is going to protect your home from intruders. The whole point of having a lock is so that no one who isn’t authorized to enter makes it into the space. Now that you know what is needed, take a look at what doesn’t work with a lot of door lock systems and which door lock system does the best job of avoiding what doesn’t work.

Flimsy Parts and Design

Clearly, any door lock system with flimsy parts is going to find itself closer to being one of the worst locks than the best, but this is about more than flimsy materials. Even high quality materials may be used in a lock that is simply not be designed to withstand an assault by someone trying to break in. A door lock system isn’t going to be very helpful if the lock is hard to pick but a well-placed kick can have the door swinging wide open. Many door locks use short screws that are easily separated from the door or door jamb and make the quality construction of a lock pretty worthless. Flaws and shortcomings in both materials and design are a large part of why many door lock systems just don’t work.

Susceptible To Drills

Next, you may not think like a criminal, but you should. A basic drill can overcome the majority of the locks available out there, so you need to evaluate locks based on their ability to survive attacks from the common tools of the thieving trade. While locks of any type may not always survive an encounter with a drill intact, some of them are still good enough to keep the would-be intruder from gaining access to the home. This is a success because you will have to replace the lock in this scenario, but you won’t have to replace anything else.

Advanced Technology But Not The Best Locks

Now it’s time for a quick note about high tech door lock systems. A door lock system using the latest technology is not necessarily better than, or even as good as, much simpler door locks. Their allure is clear, especially when they go so far as to incorporate space age tech like using fingerprints instead of keys or codes. Still, all this technology cannot always fend off the most basic of attacks, so you can’t put your faith in systems solely because the technology is cool. Their coolness may be all you are left with after a burglar easily makes it past these gizmos into your home.

This Is The Best Door Lock System

The best door lock system at the moment is the Medeco Maxum 11WC60L. It is a pricey offering, but as everyone says, you get what you pay for. There are other good options out there, but this is the best.

You now know the best door lock system out there and the major failings of those door lock systems that just can’t cut it. Think about this information when you are buying new locks or revaluating your old ones. Many door locks that look impenetrable are really just asking for one strong kick to prove that looks can be deceiving. Find more information at a locksmith in Camarillo.

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