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Types of Commercial Door Hardware Installation & Repair in Los Angeles Area

Various options must be made when a glass door is required for business offices or a commercial structure including the quantity of traffic through the door, safety considerations, and cosmetic problems like coatings.

Commercial Levers

Because commercial lever handles are designed to a higher standard than domestic hardware, they are stronger and more durable. The majority of commercial locks have a heavy-duty cylindrical chassis. However, there are lighter and heavier-strength models available. 

Heavy-duty mortise locks are used in light-duty variants, which feature a conventional tubular chassis. Keyed entrance levers, privacy levers, passage levers, fake levers, electronic levers, classroom levers, storeroom levers, dormitory levers, vestibule levers, corridor levers, and asylum levers are examples of commercial lever sets.

Commercial locks have varying degrees of durability. Grade 1 locks are the most robust and are utilized in applications such as hospitals, public buildings, schools, and industries. Commercial levers of grade 2 are ideal for medium-duty applications. 

These Grade 2 levers are ideal for medical, office, hotel/motel, religious, apartment, retail, and high-duty residential applications. Keyed function lever sets are available with either a regular or detachable key core.

Commercial Door Knobs

Commercial door knobs come in various styles, including keyed entrance knobs, privacy knobs, passage knobs, fake knobs, classroom knobs, storeroom knobs, and hotel knobs.

They are designed to resist the challenges of high usage. ANSI (American National Standards Institute) grades commercial locks for strength and durability.

Business door knobs, like commercial door levers, are available in various gradients to handle differing degrees of workload.

Grade 2 commercial knobs are used in light to medium commercial applications such as professional buildings, hotels/motels, religious structures, apartment complexes, or heavy-traffic residential locations.

Heavy-duty applications are handled by Grade 1 commercial door knobs. Hospitals, schools, municipal institutions, industrial facilities, and industries all need these door handles. Some business door knobs come with a regular key cylinder or a detachable key core.

Where single-action egress hardware is necessary, interconnected commercial door knobs are utilized in apartment complexes or the like. Door handles do not fulfill ADA standards. See our commercial lever handles if your project needs ADA-compliant hardware.

Commercial Deadbolts

Business deadbolts are often used with commercial door knobs and come in a variety of styles. Single-cylinder deadbolts, double-cylinder deadbolts, one-sided deadbolts, indication deadbolts, mechanical deadbolts, classroom deadbolts, Bluetooth-enabled deadbolts, and deadbolts with keypads are examples of deadbolts.

Commercial Door Closers

Door closers are an excellent alternative for high-traffic doors in commercial applications when spring hinges are insufficient. Surface mount door closers, hold-open door closures, hidden door closures, delayed door closures, and electronic door closers are all examples of door closers.

Door closures also have numerous choices, such as “hold open,” which is used to keep the door open during times of heavy traffic, and “soft shut,” which is used to prevent a loud bang.

Door Pulls and Door Push Plates

Commercial door kick plates are available in a variety of sizes and may be attached with screws or magnets. To prevent disrupting the trim and weather stripping, kick plates are normally specified 2′′ narrower than the width of the door.

Commercial Door Hinges

Commercial-grade door hinges are distinguished by the use of thicker gauge metal and a more robust, sturdy construction. To retain the greatest consistency in hardware finishes, it’s always advisable to get commercial-grade door hinges from the same manufacturer as the rest of the door hardware.

Interconnected Door Locks

An internal mechanism in a linked door lock deactivates the deadbolt lock when the knob or lever is turned to unlock the door. This form of lock is not only handy but is also needed by several elderly homes or municipalities for particular uses, such as groups.

Commercial Door Panic Devices

Commercial door escape devices, sometimes called “panic devices,” are T-shaped bars running across a commercial door at around elbow height. They feature “touch” bars that enable you to depart by releasing the locking mechanism.

These are typically seen on back doors as part of a fire or emergency evacuation plan. Panic devices are classified into rim exit devices, rod exit devices, and mortise lock exit devices.

All of these business door hardware options are available in a variety of finishes. Among the possible finishes are polished brass, antique brass, oil-rubbed bronze, satin nickel, antique pewter, satin or polished chrome, aged bronze, satin bronze, white, and matte black.

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