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How to Prevent Burglaries?

How to Prevent Burglaries?

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At LA City Locksmith, we have set ourselves a superior standard for professional locksmith services in Los Angeles, CA. A main and pressing concern is burglary protection, irrespective of the property owner or businessman. Since learning how to prevent burglaries can alleviate distress and safeguard your family, knowledge proves valuable. This is the area of focus in this blog post, where we will delve deeper and outline various measures that could be employed to avoid break-ins.

Understanding Burglaries

Preventing burglaries, therefore, requires adequate knowledge of the risk factors. Burglary rates show that burglars are more likely to target homeowners without security features. Most burglars operate during the day when tenants or owners are at work or away from home. They break through doors or windows, often left open, to seek quick access.

How to Prevent Burglaries?

Strengthening Entry Points

Burglaries mainly happen through doors and windows. Therefore, ensuring they have secured forms is the best recommended measure against such incidents. Here are some tips:

  • Reinforce Doors: Reinforce deadbolt locks, solid strike plates, and doorframes to make it harder for a burglar to break in.
  • Secure Windows: Window locks, security film, and bars or grilles on some windows also help prevent people from entering your business through the windows.

Enhancing Outdoor Security

Good lighting and thoughtful landscaping can deter burglars:

  • Lighting: Place motion detector lights where there is low illumination. This should make the place uncomfortable for the intruder and give you the benefit of seeing them in the process.
  • Landscaping: Property owners should reduce shrubbings to discourage potential thieves from gaining access to the property. You can plant hollyhocks, crotons, rose bushes, bougainvillea, or even cacti near windows to deter intruders.

Using Security Systems to Prevent Burglaries

Investing in a security system can provide significant protection:

  • Alarm Systems: These can inform you, as well as law enforcement officers, of a possible home invasion.
  • Surveillance Cameras: If placed at conspicuous points, they help discourage intruders and help gather facts during an offense.
  • Smart Home Systems: You can use alarms and cameras to monitor and control your smart home system even when you are outside the premises.

Implementing Smart Home Technology

Smart home technology offers advanced security options:

  • Smart Locks: Lock your doors and gates remotely and get updated on any activity as well.
  • Video Doorbells: You can identify a visitor who is at the door and communicate with them without being nearby or responding to the doorbell during suspicious activity.
  • Smart Cameras: You can watch your property activity in real time and do the same for recorded video recordings using your smartphone.

Creating a Security Checklist

Routine checks and maintenance are vital for effective security:

  • Daily: Check whether all doors and windows in the house are closed and locked before setting out or before they retire for the night.
  • Weekly: Check your alarm system and ensure that all your cameras are properly working.
  • Monthly: Check if there is any degree of wear and tear in locks, and change batteries in smart gadgets where necessary.

Community Involvement

A vigilant community can significantly reduce burglary risks:

  • Neighborhood Watch: Self-patrol or organize with other residents to patrol your street to reduce incidences of criminal activities.
  • Community Cooperation: All individuals should contact their neighbors and keep them informed on safety and security measures.

Professional Locksmith Services to Prevent Burglaries

Professional locksmiths like LA City Locksmith offer specialized services to enhance your security:

  • Lock Installation: Replace the current bottom and basic door lock mechanisms with better options that professional technicians can install.
  • Rekeying: Replacing the tumblers inside your lock so that previously used keys no longer work is an essential example of audacity.
  • Security Assessments: Receive a detailed assessment of your property’s security status, as well as suggestions on the desired changes.


In conclusion, it is important to take measures to prevent burglaries in progress. Some effective ways to minimize the possibility of break-ins include securing entry points, improving outdoor security, tapping into the latest security systems, and engaging your community. Additionally, welcome to LA City Locksmith, where we provide efficient locksmith solutions that meet your requirements.

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