How To Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole? Full Guide 2023

How To Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole

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A lock is one of the devices used to preserve assets in the best way. But accompanying these locks is the key to help protect the door better.

But when we are not careful, losing the key is a disadvantage, making many people not know how to unlock it without keys. That’s why LA City Locksmith wants to teach everyone how to unlock a door without a keyhole so they can unlock it quickly when needed.

How To Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole?

Here are a few ways to unlock a door without a keyhole:

Use Plastic Card

Use Plastic Card To Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole

Step 1: Turn on the doorknob

Firmly grasp the doorknob with your non-dominant hand. Hold it with your left hand if you are right-handed.

Step 2: Close the door

Increase the distance between the doorframe and the locked door as much as feasible.

Step 3: Place the card

Insert your plastic card at a little downward angle into the space above the doorknob. If the door has trim, you may need to remove it to access the locking mechanism using a plastic card.

A pocketknife may also be used to pry open a door, but there is a greater danger of harming the paint surrounding the door or cutting oneself, so the plastic card is a safer option.

Step 4: Wiggle the card

Gently wriggle the plastic card downward until you reach the doorknob’s locking mechanism. Consider the metal piece that protrudes from the door into the doorjamb in your thoughts. It has an angled end.

Plastic cards might shatter during this procedure, so choose the one you don’t value or use often. Most retail customer rewards cards are simple to replace if they are broken.

Step 5: Insert the card

Slide the plastic card against the angled piece of the metal locking mechanism and push it back out of the doorjamb using the portion of the plastic card you’re holding as leverage.

Step 6: Close the door

When the resistance from the lock begins to give, push the door open, you may have to jiggle the card and doorknob multiple times to obtain the appropriate opening.

Pinhole Bypass

Use Pinhole Bypass To Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole

Some door locks that do not have a keyhole have a tiny hole on the outside handle or knob. While the pinhole’s function is to enable water to drain out of the lock and introduce lubricant, it may be helpful in the case of a lockout.

You don’t need to know how to pick a lock, but you will need a tool that fits in the pinhole and can control the actuator. The instrument must be the size of a tiny flathead screwdriver. To fit the slot within the pinhole and spin it. This tool may be created by:

Step 1

Unwind a regular paper clip partially.

Step 2

Wrap a straight piece of paper clip around itself.

Step 3

Using pliers, force this bend down further to make the tool studier.

Step 4

Ensure that you have sufficient length to reach the actuator hole in the pinhole.

Step 5

Make sure your bend has produced enough flat girth to resemble a flathead screwdriver.

Doorknob Removal

Doorknob Removal To Unlock A Door Without A Keyhole

You may also open a door without a keyhole by removing the doorknob.

Step 1: Unscrew the knob

If you can’t get the door to open using the plastic card, manually remove the doorknob. If you have to use a screwdriver to remove the doorknob, small screwdrivers work best since they are the simplest to handle in the confined area between the doorknob and the screw.

Step 2: Locate the screws

Find the screws on both sides of the doorknob. These are what keep the doorknob together through the door.

Step 3: Take out the screws

Remove them using a screwdriver, then physically pull the locking mechanism back into the door to open the chamber and unlock the door.

Hinge Removal

Hinge Removal

Step 1: Determine the swing direction of the door

Ascertain if the door swings toward or away from you. You may take the door off the hinges if the door swings toward you.

Step 2: Remove the paint

Slice around any paint holding the hinge pins to the hinges using a razor blade or box knife.

Step 3: Insert a screwdriver

Insert the screwdriver head at an angle precisely beneath the bottom hinge pin.

Step 4: Raise the hinge pin

Tap the hammer firmly enough on the screwdriver, recovering leverage each time, to gradually force the hinge pin up and out of the hinge.

Step 5: Do the same with the upper door hinge

Rep with the upper door hinge, being cautious not to let the door fall off the hinges and onto anybody.

Call LA City Locksmith For All Of Your Locksmith Needs

If you have done everything above but still cannot answer the question “how to unlock a door without a keyhole”, you should contact a professional unlocking service.

LA City Locksmith can help you if you need a skilled and expert locksmith to assist you with any key and lock problems. Whether you’ve misplaced your home keys, need to rekey your locks, or want to update your locks, we have you covered.

If you are ready to build a connection with a dependable, local, and trustworthy locksmith, contact us at (323) 955-2411.

Hopefully, the above article will help unlock the door quickly. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below!

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