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Top Locksmith Technology Trends

Top Locksmith Technology Trends

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Let me introduce myself as one of the representatives of LA City Locksmith, and thank you for choosing our services. The pledge is always to make our clients receive the best treatment in the locksmith service provider industry in Los Angeles, CA. Updating oneself on current technology trends, especially in locksmith services, is highly advisable. This knowledge ensures you can provide the necessary security for peace of mind regarding any property or asset. In this blog post, we sort out the most significant trends in technological advancement that continue to define the future of locksmiths.

Top Locksmith Technology Trends

Smart Locks

If you want something very convenient and also more sophisticated than the traditional lock and key, then go for the smart lock system. These locks have different types of passwords, such as keypad, fingerprint, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi locks. Some benefits of smart locks include being able to unlock them from a remote area, which is convenient.

Additionally, you can set up time-limited codes for guests, and smart locks have features that traditional locks do not support. Some of the most well-known types of these locks are August, Schlage, and Yale. The market has fashioned these brands in different ways to deliver various functions.

Biometric Access Systems

Instead of codes and passwords, biometric access systems for buildings allow access based on fingerprints, faces, or the irises of the eyes. These systems are very safe because they do not involve the use of a key that can be lost or stolen. They can be applied in both residential areas and commercial premises.

It offers a higher level of security compared to traditional locking systems that allow access to strangers. Sites gaining success in implementing biometric systems in heavily secured areas present reasonable measures for protecting properties.

Keyless Entry Systems – Locksmith Technology Trend

Technologically enhanced entry systems: doors that open without keys, for instance, by using an innovative keyless entry. Instead of using keys, these systems use codes, cards, or even touch-tone via mobile applications to open doors.

Keyless entry is a very effective technology for homes and business premises that improves the way doors unlock without making a key. Select products include Kwikset Kevo, Samsung Digital Door Lock, and Ultraloq. Each has distinct features to enhance the user experience based on the user’s needs.

Mobile App Integration

Flexible applications of modern security systems make use of mobile applications for security system control and monitoring.

Created mobile applications allow people to control signals to lock and unlock doors from anywhere in the world. They can also receive notifications and see the history of door operations.

Consider key features like real-time alerting, on-demand guest hosting capability, and integrated activity reports when choosing security apps. These features enhance your security experience.

Today’s systems, including Ring Nest and SimpliSafe, have excellent and easy-to-use mobile apps, making security more manageable than ever.

Advanced Surveillance Systems

The surveillance system has become an important part of modern security development, including CCTV, IP cameras, and smart cameras.

All these systems interconnect with smart locks and other access control systems for total protection. Infusing surveillance with locksmith technology offers real-time monitoring.

It ensures that would-be intruders are warned and provides proof in case of an attack. Surveillance solutions from industry-leading firms such as Arlo, Hikvision, and Lorex guarantee that your compound is secure.

Internet of Things (IoT) in Security – Locksmith Technology Trend

Integrating the Internet of Things (IoT) can improve security in the way that the connections and automation in security increase. Smart home systems embedded with IoT include smart doorbells and connected sensors for monitoring remotely and setting up alerts.

They are designed to interconnect and make society, especially houses and other facilities, more secure. As technology expands, future trends in IoT are set to enhance security aspects, making the development a very interesting field to follow.

High-Security Lock Innovations

New developments in high-security locks are constantly setting new standards in physical security. Innovations like drill resistance, complex key control, and the impossibility of tampering are key in making these locks appropriate for sensitive areas.

High-security locks offer more resistance and ensure proper protection against key forcing. High-risk variants include Medeco, Mul-T-Lock, and Abloy locks, which offer premium security features to maximize security.

DIY Security Solutions

In today’s world, people are much more inclined to have DIY security solutions installed because they are cheap and require little effort to install.

Smart security solutions such as smart locks, indoor and outdoor cameras, and alarm systems can fit into a do-it-yourself category to meet the needs of users who prefer flexible security systems.

Although there are affordable DIY solutions with the central vacuum system, professional installation yields better performance and compatibility.

You should consider whether you can install the system yourself, whether you need to connect the security system to other devices, and whether there is someone you could turn to for help if needed.


It is always important to update yourself with the top locksmith technology trends, which will improve security. In addition to simple solutions such as using smart locks or biometric systems, Internet of Things devices and high-security options today have become available to protect your property. So, if you are at LA City Locksmith and need to know how these trends will affect your security, we are here to help you through it.

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