Why Are Locksmiths Expensive: Top Reasons 2023

Why Are Locksmiths Expensive

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The more modern world means thieves also have more sophisticated tricks to cause more severe thefts. Even though life is becoming more convenient, minor keys still play a vital role in protecting people’s property.

But have you ever wondered why locksmiths are so expensive? The following article will explain to you the reasons “why locksmiths are so expensive“. And is it worth it for you?

Why Are Locksmiths Expensive?


If the locksmith you hired is insured, you may be required to pay an additional fee to cover their insurance expenses. You can always look for someone uninsured, but you should consider whether it is worth it.

While you may not need a locksmith now and then, having one insured gives you peace of mind and saves you money in the long run. If it is for your security, paying a large one-time payment will not hurt the bank.


Time Make Locksmiths Expensive

Assume you’re at a party and can’t locate your vehicle keys in your pocket when it’s time to go. You go to the parking lot and discover your keys are locked inside the car. Worse, you have a new automobile, so no one can unlock its door, not even a buddy who knows how to lockpick.

In such a case, you might desire the assistance of an emergency locksmith who provides 24-hour services. A mobile locksmith is another possibility.

Given that you need their services urgently expect to pay a premium. This is standard, even for other expedited services. The same is true for emergency lock problems in your home.

You’ll wonder whether the locksmith fee was worthwhile if the task was completed in minutes, but that’s precisely what you need, right? Expect to spend extra if you want a service with a short turnaround time.

Service Complexity

The complexity of the work locksmiths must do the fundamental reason for their high rates. You could spend a few hundred dollars to install a complete smart home security system.

Regarding autos, expect to pay more than a hundred dollars to produce a key, particularly if the computer system has to be reprogrammed.

Furthermore, replacing your home’s locks may be pricey, depending on the kind of locks you choose to install. Smart devices that need extensive setup and installation might cost up to $150.

In addition, some locksmiths charge by the hour, so expect to spend more if you want them to operate on high-tech equipment. As a consequence, seek someone that charges for the whole work.

To summarize, the lower the charge, the easier the work.

Products for Security

Products for Security

The cost of repair or replacement components for the item they’re repairing or installing and the service fee contribute to locksmiths’ high prices.

You may acquire the necessary products or equipment for the work to save additional money. However, it is often advisable to let the locksmiths get whatever they need, particularly if they deal with certain measurements, technological settings, etc.

At the same time, be wary if a locksmith tries to con you. Some may attempt to sell auxiliary goods, accessories, and the like, insist on replacing still-working devices or have minor difficulties.


If you live outside of a city, you are most likely out of reach of a locksmith. Consequently, hiring them may not be cheap, as they may add to the expense of travel costs for locksmith services.

Because this payment method does not apply to all locksmiths, knowing how to discover the lowest alternative is important if you want to save money.


Most locksmiths keep their workplaces open around the clock. This makes them costly since they constantly need a team member to be ready to take a call.

Most customers do not anticipate requiring the services of a locksmith. It occurs when something goes wrong: 

  • Lifting keys inside their house or automobile.
  • Shattered the lock while rotating a key.
  • The smart lock may have short-circuited and stopped working.

Whatever the cause, most calls to a locksmith’s office are emergencies. As a result, they must always have someone accessible to accept the call and reply.

This involves working at night, on holidays, and even in inclement weather. To compensate for these inconveniences, the locksmith is frequently paid more if they work such shifts.

When someone employs a locksmith, they generally pay for the convenience of obtaining quick assistance. It costs the locksmith money to provide that level of ease. 

To continue to provide quick and dependable services, the locksmith must charge a premium fee. Locksmiths are pricey because they are constantly accessible, and convenience comes at a cost.

Professionals in Security

Some locksmiths run two separate companies, which may make them pricey. They have a locksmithing company, but they may also have a home security service. Because the two tend to go hand in hand, a locksmith will also strive to give you home security services.

A lock repair at your house is an example. The locksmith arrives and replaces the lock. Then they realize you lack a home security system.

They may recommend a program they believe will work for you since they own or cooperate with a home security company. You could even receive a few free locks as a result of it.

The issue is that home security installation is more costly than a simple lock repair. The advantage is that a home security package makes your house safer than a single lock.

Because some locksmiths either own or operate with a home security company, they must occasionally persuade consumers to purchase a home security package.

Because you are joining up for the bundle, your initial locksmith service may become much more costly. Locksmiths are pricey because they may sometimes persuade you to have them install a home security system as well.

Technical College

Locksmith Technical College

Not everyone is familiar with how to fix or replace a lock. Fewer yet understand how to replace a lock, produce a key, or even duplicate a key. It takes a few years of technical school training and field experience.

As a result, locksmiths are pricey. 

They went to school and received training to offer you a dependable service to cope with various difficulties and may come up with answers. Besides, they have a wide range of tools and the knowledge to utilize them.

Like any other service, a locksmith is costly because they do something for you that you cannot or do not have the time to accomplish.

Like most other professionals who went to school, they have student debts to repay. They need to earn a living salary while paying off their debts. This entails establishing acceptable pricing that enables them to get out of debt while maintaining a good financial life.

Locksmiths pay for technical education to learn how to repair, replace, and/or install locks so that you do not have to. 


Those with greater experience charge more, as with any other job in the service business. Even if all you want is to have your door unlocked, hiring a certified or registered locksmith or an industry veteran will cost you extra.

A skilled locksmith is expensive, but it is well worth considering their professional service. After all, they spent money on equipment, certifications, training, and apprenticeship to provide you with the finest services possible.

Call a registered or licensed locksmith if you live in an area where locksmithing is controlled.


Locksmiths are expensive because they have the specialized technical and training to do jobs that most others can’t. Products that serve to make your home lock more secure are also expensive. They also work 24/7, which means they may charge extra if it’s outside of regular business hours.

You can always hope never to need the assistance of a locksmith, but if you do, hiring a reputable locksmith will help. Finding reputable professionals like LA City Locksmith before you need them will save you time, money, and frustration.

From basic key duplication to complicated security system installation and everything in between, we provide various locksmith services. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Call us today at (323) 955-2411

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